Don’t Chase Women, Let Them Chase you

5 Nov

“If you build it they will come”

Now I’m not saying to stop recruiting or putting your bid in, I’m saying you have to have a strategy. A lot of guys out there sre spending way too much time and money chasing women, to little results. You should be focused on yourself and let the women worry about chasing you. You can lose Money chasing women but you can never lose women chasing Money.

“The more you chase women, the more they run. When you chase the passion that’s in your heart, women will be drawn to you like metal to a magnet.”

“You either build or you destroy”

Work on these three elements to increase your value and you’ll have the hoes chasing you like groupies. All you have to do is reel them in.

The 3 Elements of a Mack’s Game

1. Physical Physique and Style

       Keep yourself up. Grooming and Dress. Take care of yourself.

2. Personality/Experiences

Shit that you’ve been through that makes you who you are. Travels, etc.

3. Accumulate wealth and resources

Get Money!

Ho’s choose but Pimps Pick!


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